Canada Visiting Visa is a temporary Canadian immigration option that allows visitor to visit Canada for the purpose of tourism and leisure. A Canada Visiting visa is also known as Canadian Temporary Resident Visa (TVR).  With a Canada visiting visa you permitted to stay in Canada for a period not more 6 months at visiting period .

Canada tourist visas are of two types:

Single entry visa
Multiple entry visa

Eligibility Criteria for Canada Tourist Visa:

In order to meet the eligibility criteria for a  visiting visa, you will need to prove to the Canada immigration authorities the following things:

  • You have a valid passport
  • You are in good health
  • You have the financial resources means required to pay for your expenses while in Canada
  • You have a residence outside Canada and other binding ties that will ensure your return home after your visit to Canada
  • You plan to remain in Canada for a specific and limited period of time
  • You intend to leave Canada at the end of your visit
  • You have no intention to seek or undertake employment while in Canada
  • You have no criminal record
  • You do not pose a security risk
  • You agree to abide by the laws of the land
  • You may be required to undergo a medical examination